Sunday, May 10, 2015

Process of writing fifth Arcadis book

I am in the process of writing my fifth book of Arcadis fantasy book. It has been a arduous, yet joyous, time in my life. I really enjoy writing, and to see people purchase my books are beyond words.
The demographics is from age 12-85. People of that age group, I am told by my readers, love my first two books of Arcadis, as I have not yet published the third.Why? Time constraints, book signings, and needing money upfront are an obstacle but not an insurmountable one. I shall prevail!
If you're interested (and really, why wouldn't you be??) here are the links to buy my two books.

Book One Print books: Arcadis: Prophecy

Book Two Print books: Arcadis: War!
Amazon ebooks: